The Woodland Axe

Introducing our new & improved ‘Bushcraft axe’. Now with an extra comfy handle, and an updated fit.

The woodland axe is the perfect all-round axe. Use it for everything from splitting your firewood to warm your home, to felling trees & coppice work. You can even carve a spoon with it.

Take it with you on your adventures – it is the perfect size for carrying with you. Light enough to carry, heavy enough to fell a tree.

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Buy with a sheath to save £6.50 (and your edge!)
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Head weight: 750g / 1.7 lb
Total weight: 1050g / 2.3 lb
Length: 460mm / 18″

Textured hickory handle for grip, sealed with a coat of cold pressed linseed oil.

13 reviews for The Woodland Axe

  1. Vignir

    I’m writing again to wax lyrical. After my original bushcraft axe was stolen, I recently received the updated Woodlands axe. It is more than a joy to use. How did you make the perfect axe for me? 🙂 It is super sharp out of the box. Just slices through the wood when I limb and clear. It is incredibly well balanced. I have a few other axes and value them, but the Woodlands axe is genuinely a pleasure to use. An extension of myself when I work. Thank you

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