The Woodland Axe

Introducing our new & improved ‘Bushcraft axe’. Now with an extra comfy handle, and an updated fit.

The woodland axe is the perfect all-round axe. Use it for everything from splitting your firewood to warm your home, to felling trees & coppice work. You can even carve a spoon with it.

Take it with you on your adventures – it is the perfect size for carrying with you. Light enough to carry, heavy enough to fell a tree.

Sheath sold separately.

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Buy with a sheath to protect your edge
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Head weight: 750g / 1.7 lb
Total weight: 1050g / 2.3 lb
Length: 460mm / 18″

Textured hickory handle for grip, sealed with a coat of cold pressed linseed oil.

Sheath sold separately.

19 reviews for The Woodland Axe

  1. robert williamson

    I’ve had this woodland axe for 3 years now and absolutely love it. It’s nicely balanced and easy to use either single or two handed. Lovely sharp edge that is easy to keep sharp (I use a whetstone). I did have the head loosen up after some serious splitting where a larger axe was ideally required. It was easily fixed with a wedge and hasn’t budged in over a year now. I see the newer version has a slightly wider lip section on the head which will help guard against that issue. All in a fab axe, I love it and highly reccomend

  2. Juan Quintana

    As promised I have purchased and received my second axe, in this case the woodland axe, after buying the large carve axe. Again, fantastic product, very sharp and I really love the handle and its shape. I have been working with it a little bit as I have received it a few hours ago and the axe is just great. Balanced and with the perfect size for its main purpose. I will buy again and I will do it soon to complete my own axe colection from Robin Wood / wood tools (and also woodcarving knives!)

  3. Ian Baker

    What a joy to use. Robin’s Bushcraft axe is so well balanced. The handle is curved just right. The extra texture on the handle gives fantastic grip but no loss of comfort. The edge is very sharp but tough – this is what a bushcraft axe should be like. The quality for this price is exceptional – well done Robin and Jojo. Thank you.

  4. Patrick Flynn

    This axe feels very well balanced and i find the textured handle a very good feature giving added grip, excelent for use in wet weather. The appearance of the handle also has a pleasing rustic look, fitting perfectly with the bushcraft theme and its plain appearance alows you to customise it to your liking. The hikory feels strong and has a very tight fit with the head,combined with the added grip gives total confidence in the tool for the task at hand. The blade is extremely sharp on delivery, chops and splits with ease, feathers sticks very well. All told an excellent bushcraft axe for a decent price and nice size for carrying in the field. Very pleased indeed with my purchase.

  5. Shirley

    Great price for a quality axe – far better value for money than the popular Swedish make and I like the grippy handle a lot – a couple of coats of Linseed oil will bring it up lovely but think I might customise it with a bit of pyrography first!

    I’ve only tried it out with some kindling but the balance and weight seem perfect for me – despite being female and having osteoarthritis I can use this without too much difficulty. It bites well and is shaped to work the wood rather than the wood working the axe – love it!!

    My only disappointment would be that the handle was advertised as 19″ in length but I can only assume that in the process of fitting, a good inch was lost so only 17 3/4″ long. Not a huge problem, especially for me, but not quite as advertised!

    Still a great axe and highly recommended – looked after it should be a once in a life-time purchase and will serve any forestry or bushcraft enthusiast well.

  6. Andrew Estensen

    Very sharp and handles well with the textured shaft. I have recently seen on a forum that someone was complaining about the handle on the axe they bought. Well it is a shame they didn’t read the description on the Wood-tools website first before commenting. Great service and a nice note from Jo-Jo included. I am no expert but I like my axe and would recommend it to others along with the sheath which fits perfectly.

  7. Vignir Haraldsson

    Good service, axe shipped to France, where I put it to immediate use clearing branches/trees (using pruning saw, axe, and chainsaw). The balance and weight are perfect, slicing through branches and offshoots in a quick and efficient manner. I also use a straight handled Spanish vizcaina axe but the RW axe handles better. I wield it easily to create kindle for the fireplace and I sharpen it with a puck. I sanded the handle lightly and applied linseed oil. Lovely.

  8. Oli

    Ideal all rounder at a very good price.
    I bought this axe to do a variety of jobs from light felling, chopping and splitting to carving. It tackles each of these well, keeps a sharp edge and feels extremely balanced in use. It’s small and light enough to fit in a decent sized daysack but can still take on significant work.
    I particularly like the textured handle which sets it apart from a lot of other axes and provides a good confident grip – ideal for the wet English conditions. The value for money is outstanding and the quality seems to be on a par with tools costing twice the price.
    Very highly recommended.

  9. Jamie Dakota

    I’ve been using this axe now for around 18 months, it’s been a constant companion on all my courses and trips into the woods.
    I’d been looking for an alternative to the gold standard that is the GB small forest axe, as I was finding the relatively short cutting edge of the Small Forest meant pushing it to those large tasks like felling required a lot more work than I’d like.
    The full curved edge of Robin’s axe is, in short, superb. It gives a great deal of bite when pressed to big jobs, the precise bevel Brian grinds into the steel is magical. Every swing brings the cutting deeply into the grain, weighted finely for balance between power and control, it makes light work of limbing and splitting firewood for wilderness camps.
    The handle, unique in my experience, is subtly ribbed to give an immense textural feedback when working the the axe. I’ve used it tool in rain and snow, during canoe trips and closer to home. Not once have I wondered if the helve will slip in my grip, you seem to know intrinsically that your axe is with you: a willing participant in the task at hand. Nor also is the textured grip at wearing when used for constant work. Hours I’ve spent carving spoons, pot hangers and all manner of camp crafts, and I’ve failed to notice any hot spots or blisters from the work.
    Robin has, in my opinion, craft a tool from decades of experience with fine materials and expertise that rivals the Masters in the field. Robin’s Axe is tough, balanced and keenly edged, a true backwoods tool and one that deserve adventure.

  10. Fred Courtney Bennett

    Sharp (very), lovely balance, light enough for delicate control, heavy enough for splitting, handles unusually rough, but I like it and with use, or sanding it will settle in, after rubbing in several coats of raw linseed oil it’s already smoother, I like the way it feels as though it won’t slip out of my hand. And incredibly good value!

  11. Tony Rush

    Purchased one of these when they went on sale.
    The quality, finish and balance are all first class.
    I waited until I had used the axe for numerous tasks; cutting limbing, making kindling etc. The axe performs well in all areas. In short a pleasure to use.
    I agree with the earlier comment regarding a mask. I made one with Ruth at Spoonfest.

  12. Colin Upson

    I purchased this axe, along with the Robin Wood Axe at the same time. They are both outstanding, far more so then the price would suggest. The Bushcraft Axe came with a sharper edge then the Robin Wood Axe, the blade profile also came back further which I like. The grain on the handle if very tight and straight, so far so good.
    The balance is great, much better then my Hultafors Classic Hunters Axe, the handle shape is new to me, the same style as the Robin Wood Axe, but I like it. A few coats of linseed oil should bring it out brilliantly. Splits very well, makes feather sticks with ease due to the wonderful profile on the blade. Bites nice and deep too.
    All in all a very impressive axe for a far more impressive price. The head is nice and tight, no play what so ever. The only thing that would make this better is an axe mask for it, but that would drive up the price. A small annoyance for such a wonderful axe at a smashing price. Perhaps you could look into stocking masks for them separately for those that want them, as it is I think I will have a go at knocking one up.

    • Robin Wood

      Thanks Colin, I now have masks for the carving axe and will soon be making them for the bushcraft axe. Glad you like the tools.

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