We want you to get the very best out of our tools. We supply all our tools sharp and ready to use but each user will have their own way of keeping an edge on their tools. Below we have some videos showing how we sharpen our knives and axes which may help if you are looking for tips.

Our tools are all made from different high carbon steels, which will rust if put away wet so keep them dry. An occasional wipe with a little oil will keep moisture at bay if the environment is humid. Our hardwood handles are all treated with cold pressed linseed oil grown in Sussex by Durwin Banks http://thelinseedfarm.co.uk/ they will benefit from an occasional wipe with oil.

The best sharpening tip we could give anyone is to not damage the edge in the first place. A good edge will carve many spoons before needing touching up, yet can be severely damaged in a second if it touches any stone, metal or dirt. Experienced woodworkers always keep tools in protective sheaths when not in use to keep the edge in perfect condition. We offer leather sheaths for our axes or you can make simple sheaths quickly with gaffer tape and cardboard.

Introduction to sharpening

How to sharpen an axe

How to sharpen a spoon knife

thanks to Sophie Standford for the filming and editing.