Wood Tools is the venture of father and daughter, and this is our story.

The idea began while teaching spooncarving courses. Robin grew frustrated by the lack of a perfect carving axe to recommend to beginners. So he set out to get his own made. With 25 years of using, forging and teaching tools he knew exactly what he needed.

But it had to work for everyone. That’s where JoJo came in.

A 17 year old budding spooncarver, she was the opposite end of the spectrum. Well versed in the theory but lacking the physical strength to wield larger axes. If we could find an axe that worked for both of us it would suit most people.

Now eight years on we are the perfect father & daughter tool design team. We love playing with tools, we love old quality tools and we want to make tools that give years of trusted use, becoming the valued antiques of the next generation.