Today we celebrate Buy Nothing Day. Our planet is being destroyed by the boundless greed of large corporations, endlessly pushing 'NEW NEW NEW!' down our throats. Making us feel like we need to buy things to make us valid as humans. Building these things to fail within a year, forcing us to buy buy buy again.

Black Friday has become the epitome of this. A week long festival of advertising. Less than 10% of Black Friday 'deals' are genuine savings. The vast majority are clever tricks, playing with words & prices, working us up into a false frenzy of over-purchasing.

We believe in doing our best to make the best quality tools at the best prices we can, all year round not just for a day, so you always know what you will get, and how much you will pay.

Today we will not buy anything. We will not sell anything. We will reflect.

Spoon carving knife blade right hand open curve

After many years forging my own tools I have finally started making hooks for sale. The are made from an excellent high alloy steel, very hard and tough so they hold an edge for a long time. They come razor sharp and ready to use. This is the blade only and you’ll have to make your own handle.

This is the right handed blade with an open almost symmetrical curve. This is the blade I use for production spoon carving and it is great for finishing cuts on a spoon running down rather than across the grain. It is not quite so versatile as the compound curve knife though.

You can see a video of one of my knives in use and the three common grips I recommend for using them here

And whilst the knives come razor sharp and ready to use eventually you will need to sharpen it yourself. This video shows the method I use.


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