Spoon knife sheath, recycled fire hose

A well made sheath will age beautifully and protect the edge of the tool and the user for many years. These spoon knife sheaths are made to perfectly fit all our spoon knives. Made from recycled fire hose.


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A spoon knife sheath or ‘hook knife hat’ is perfect for keeping you sharp spoon knife safe. A razor sharp edge is also a very fragile edge, if it touches any other metal it will need re-sharpening which takes time and skill. Far easier and safer to keep it in a sheath whenever you put it down.

Spoon knives are difficult things to make good sheaths for, especially ones that are quick and easy to pop the knife in and out. These are made from recycled decommisioned fire hose from a local fire station which is super tough and cut-resistant. We love that it also saves the hoses from landfill, and gives them a new lease of life.

Weight .075 kg


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