The Woodland Axe

Introducing our new & improved ‘Bushcraft axe’. Now with an extra comfy handle, and an updated fit.

The woodland axe is the perfect all-round axe. Use it for everything from splitting your firewood to warm your home, to felling trees & coppice work. You can even carve a spoon with it.

Take it with you on your adventures – it is the perfect size for carrying with you. Light enough to carry, heavy enough to fell a tree.

Sheath sold separately.

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Buy with a sheath to protect your edge
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Head weight: 750g / 1.7 lb
Total weight: 1050g / 2.3 lb
Length: 460mm / 18″

Textured hickory handle for grip, sealed with a coat of cold pressed linseed oil.

Sheath sold separately.

19 reviews for The Woodland Axe

  1. Cooper Gregg

    I bought this axe for my grandpa about 4 years ago and the damn ol’ thing is still almost brand new! Came sharp out of the box, the wood is pristine and the axe is so light! I just bought myself one because I was very impressed on its durability and longevity. My pops still uses the axe and has only sharpened the edge about 2 times! Great quality axe. Would definitely recommend this axe to anyone who needs a first class hatchet!

  2. Ben Mumby-Croft

    A brilliant axe and a great little company – I can’t believe I’ve only just come across them. Product quality is absolutely first rate. As with the other reviewer I would have no hesitation recommending this axe at twice the price.

  3. Michael Ashley

    This is a beautifully crafted tool that comes razor sharp out of the box. The optional leather sheath fits the head perfectly and is made of thick, high quality leather. I absolutely love the design, size, and weight of this axe and find it to be of exceptional value. Thank you!

  4. Alex Ekins

    I’ve had this axe for a while but I’ve just been in the woods for the first time in a while and I was reminded what a great axe this this. Sharp and well balanced. Good value too.

  5. Sam

    Totally awesome company. My original shipment got lost in the post and within a few emails back and forth Wood Tools sent me a second axe free of charge. That replacement arrived today and so far it seems great, I can’t wait for a chance to try it out but I can already tell that it is going to be wonderful. The edge is unbelievably sharp, easily sharper than any knife I have ever purchased and the weight and balance are perfect. You can tell just holding it in your hands how much care went into the design and construction. Highly recommended based on the quality of the product, bump that up to a no brainer given how fantastic the company behind it is.

  6. Neil Walton

    Edge was razor sharp out the box, and it feels great in the hand. Just enough bend in the handle so it fits fits the palm really well for really comfortable work both at full swing and detailed work. The edge bites into wood so well and it made quick work of felling and limbing a small tree (8 inch truck) in my woods. The sheath is made of very thick and quality leather, really looks the part and as robust as sheaths get, way thinker than a Gransfors sheath.
    I’d recommend this axe at twice the price!!

  7. Vignir

    I’m writing again to wax lyrical. After my original bushcraft axe was stolen, I recently received the updated Woodlands axe. It is more than a joy to use. How did you make the perfect axe for me? 🙂 It is super sharp out of the box. Just slices through the wood when I limb and clear. It is incredibly well balanced. I have a few other axes and value them, but the Woodlands axe is genuinely a pleasure to use. An extension of myself when I work. Thank you

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