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The Robin Wood Carving Axe

A razor sharp axe that will do anything from felling small trees to splitting firewood, where it really excels is as a carving axe.

The weight of the head is 550g and the total weight around 720g (1lb 11oz), handle length is 12.5″ (31cm). This is a great mid-weight carving axe that most people will use easily without getting tired, yet still heavy enough to remove wood quickly.


A sharp axe will only stay sharp if the edge is protected, we offer a great leather sheath for the job.

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Buy with a sheath to save £6.50 (and your edge!)
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A razor sharp axe that will do anything from felling small trees to splitting firewood, where it really excels is as a carving axe.

For many years there has not been a good carving axe available that came sharp and ready to use for less than £80. This axe changes things. The axe heads are drop forged abroad then ground by Brian Alcock, the last professional grinder in Sheffield, before being honed to a fine edge in our own workshop in Sheffield. We have the hickory axe handles made in the UK to our design. They have a knurled finish for grip and are treated with linseed oil. They also make a great axe for kindling splitting, bushcraft or camp use.

The weight of the head is 550g and the total weight around 720g (1lb 9oz), handle length is 12.5″ (31cm). This is a good mid-weight carving axe that most people will use easily without getting tired, yet still heavy enough to remove wood quickly.

A sharp axe will only stay sharp if the edge is protected, we offer a great leather sheath for the job.

Here is a short film we made of Brian grinding the axes

The carving axes come sharp and ready to use but eventually you will need to sharpen it yourself. This video shows the method we use.

This video shows the axe compared to two commonly used axes by Gransfors Bruks and also shows it in use carving a spoon blank. NB we have slightly changed the handle design since this film was made. The axes have proved extremely popular with many folk preferring them to much more expensive axes, have a look at some of the comments below.

Due to the nature of the natural materials we use, handle colours & patterns will vary, as will sheath colours & textures. Sheath not included – buy the axe from this page to get the sheath at a discounted price.

54 reviews for The Robin Wood Carving Axe

  1. Juan

    Great carving axe. Small but powerful and very sharp. Fantastic balance and it is now one of my favourite tools when carving. Easy to order and super quick delivery. Highly recommended!!

  2. Phil Evans

    Dear Robin,
    I would like to thank you for the carving axe. I tried it out today for the first time and I couldn’t be happier. It’s well balanced allowing excellent control even when I need to apply some power.
    Thanks again,

  3. Andy

    Very happy with the carving axe, thanks guys ☺

  4. Jacob Heller Riis

    I came across one of these in a small shop in Denmark, having long been on the hunt for a small sized axe to complement my larger hultafors and granfors carpenters axes I was intrigued. At first glance the grind seemed excellent, the steel respectable and the knurling of the handle a novel idea.
    Considering the pricepoint compared to my usual brand choices I couldn’t resist and bought one. The grind is indeed excellent with a nice clean and even edge bevel that makes edge maintenance a breeze. The shape allows for a decent choke, at least for me as I have relatively small hands. The knurling felt akin to an unfinished product and left me with quite a few splinters after my first few trials. With gloves or calloused hands this would probably be less of an issue. At any rate I’m very happy with the overall quality of the product. I’m gonna give the handle a sanding and a fresh application of oil and then it’s everything I could want.

  5. Phil

    Wow. Completely as recommended. I’ve never been so impressed with the quality of my new carving axe. The weight is perfect and the blade is up to the task. Not all handles are a good size but this one fits like a glove. Many thanks.

  6. Ross Friend

    Very very impressed with the RW carving axe.
    I know you can get better but I am pretty sure you can’t get better value for money. Its sharp, well made and works very well. Not too heavy and with a shallow bevel angle that suits carving. I also bought the leather sheath to go with it. I had intended to make one for myself but at £10 I really couldn’t think of a reason why not to buy it and have the extra time to do some carving!

    Thanks for a lovely product and incredibly fast turnaround on my order.

  7. nick

    i just got it yesterday … very fast shipping, and the axe amazing.. for carving … excellent choice for woodcarvers.. i ll buy more stuff.. soon

  8. Andy

    Brilliant axe, feels great in the hand whether at the end of the handle or near the head for closer controlled cuts. I’ve been really happy with the service also as royal mail somehow managed to lose the first one I ordered. However the Wood Tools team sent out a replacement and it arrived quickly.

    Excellent service and levels of craftsmanship, ready to use right out the box. Thanks again and couldn’t recommend this little axe any more highly – perfect piece of kit.

  9. Wayne Rogers

    After buying cheap axes i thought I need a good strong axe and i found one and it’s this one thats way i have given this good strong axe 5 star’s and i hope to be ordering one or two of the left handed spoon cavring tools

  10. James Smart

    Bought one to replace my heavy duty Mora knife for initial spoon blank shaping. I have used this axe on both green and seasoned wood of willow, cherry and hawthorn and it is an amazing piece of kit. Bought with the leather sheath and both items are well crafted and more than up to the task. It is nice and light and comes razor sharp and most importantly won’t cost you a fortune. I am so impressed I have just ordered the spoon knife also to complete my tool set.

  11. David Meredith

    Mine was delivered last week. I had a branch of found wood in the garage and I decided to give the axe a whirl on Friday evening. I’ve handled an axe before but a long time ago, to chop things, not to carve them. I had a spoon shape in my head and I set about gently whittling away with the axe not really knowing whether I’d end up with a spoon or some kindling. In the end, I spent one of the most mindful two hours in recent times just working slowly at the shape, marvelling at the balance of the axe, its weight, its sharpness and, do you know what, I ended up with an object that looked like a spoon. I had previously bought a spoon knife and I have a Mora whittling knife so it took no time at all to finish the job. It was so satisfying to start with a branch, use my imagination and a few sharp tools, and end up with a serviceable spoon.I was ridiculously pleased with myself but also delighted with the tools. I must say also that I really like the vibe from Wood Tools. Fast, friendly, responsive service and a feeling that they really believe in the tools they are selling and want you to love them and be creative with them.

  12. Paul Adams

    I became interested in wood carving a couple of years ago and started attending a wood carving school ran by Charlie Oldham of 45 years of experience near Glastonbury and all is good. I started looking into bushcraft and came across Robin Wood his Axes. I loved the sound of carving a spoon so I ordered a spoon carving kit which was delivered with in 24 hours. The axe is super sharp and cut my first simple spoon blank with easy. Well impressed with the nature feel of the handle and the weight is just right. I definitely would recommend this axe to anyone who is thinking starting in spoon calving.

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