SHORT RUN – Large Handle – The Carving Axe

Our iconic Carving Axe, with a slightly larger than usual handle. Some folk find that a larger handle is more comfortable for their grip, particularly those with larger hands, or with hand pain problems. So we have made a small batch of our carving axes with slightly larger handles. We hope you like them.

Dimensions of these larger handles, measured from the “W” in our logo:

45mm x 31mm

Our standard sized axes at the same point:

40mm x 28mm


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1 × Carving Axe sheath

In stock

Buy with a sheath to protect your edge
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A razor sharp axe that will do anything from felling small trees to splitting firewood, where it really excels is as a carving axe.

The weight of the head is 550g and the total weight around 720g (1lb 9oz), handle length is 12.5″ (31cm). This is a good mid-weight carving axe that most people will use easily without getting tired, yet still heavy enough to remove wood quickly.

Due to the nature of the natural materials we use, handle colours & patterns will vary, as will sheath colours & textures. Sheath sold separately.


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