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Right handed spoon carving tools starter kit


These are the three tools you need to get you started in spooncarving: an axe, a hook knife and a straight knife. Some folk like to have several hooks with different curves and left and right handers, if you are only going to have one hook then the most versatile is the compound curve. It is great for beginners but has lots of uses for the most experienced carver too, so that is the hook we include in the spooncarving tools starter kit.

For a left handed kit see here.

If you would like a different knife then please add the individual tools to your basket separately.

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This item: Right handed spoon carving tools starter kit
spoon knife sheath hand made from leather with brass rivets
Spoon knife sheath
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Carving Axe Sheath
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Buy together with a sheath to save £12.50 (and your edge!)
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