Today we celebrate Buy Nothing Day. Our planet is being destroyed by the boundless greed of large corporations, endlessly pushing 'NEW NEW NEW!' down our throats. Making us feel like we need to buy things to make us valid as humans. Building these things to fail within a year, forcing us to buy buy buy again.

Black Friday has become the epitome of this. A week long festival of advertising. Less than 10% of Black Friday 'deals' are genuine savings. The vast majority are clever tricks, playing with words & prices, working us up into a false frenzy of over-purchasing.

We believe in doing our best to make the best quality tools at the best prices we can, all year round not just for a day, so you always know what you will get, and how much you will pay.

Today we will not buy anything. We will not sell anything. We will reflect.
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The Large Carving Axe

It is here! Our long awaited large carving axe. A large head with a long cutting edge, a flat grind for carving and a curvy ergonomic handle. A textured handle gives it beautiful grip in use. This heavier version of our carving axe is ideal for larger work like bowl carving, or for the stronger carver who is looking for something with a bit more power.

As with all of our tools, the natural wood materials and hand grinding means there will be some aesthetic differences in handles and finishes. One thing to be sure of is that they are sure to cut like a dream.

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Head weight: 750g / 1.7 lbs
Total weight: 975g / 2.1 lbs
Handle length: 350mm / 13.5″
Edge length: 110mm / 4.3″


*weights & dimensions will vary slightly with the natural materials & processes.

3 reviews for The Large Carving Axe

  1. ZEC

    This axe has made carving out bowl blanks a much more efficient, and enjoyable process. Although a slightly bigger carving axe, still works just fine for making spoon blanks as well! Very pleased overall with this tool

  2. Zach Chrisinger

    Really a fantastic carving axe. Has make carving bowl blanks a much more efficient, and enjoyable process. Very pleased overall!

  3. Juan

    Very fast shipping and extremely happy with my large carving axe. It comes very sharp and it is perfectly balanced. I love the textured and grippy handle. Great choice for bigger woodcarving projects. Highly recommended products and already planning to acquire the carving and woodland axes. Superb quality from my beloved Sheffield at a fantastic price. Very pleased with my purchase.

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