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Wood Tools Bushcraft Axe
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The Bushcraft axe

4.6 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)


The bushcraft axe is a great all round axe for general work cutting, chopping, carving , splitting. Heavy enough to do the job but light enough to carry. Total weight is 1000g and handle length is 19″. We give this axe a fine convex grind ideal for felling, cross cutting, splitting firewood and general use. They are ground by Brian Alcock, the last full time independent grinder in Sheffield with 50 years experience then honed to a razor edge.

For years Ray Mears recommended the Gransfors bruks small forest axe for bushcraft use, now he recommends the heavier wilderness axe. My bushcraft axe falls between the two, slightly heavier than the Small forest axe but lighter and easier to carry than the wilderness axe. These axes are similar high carbon steel drop forged and hardened to 57 rockwell so they take and hold a keen edge. They are the perfect companion for a camping or canoeing trip but equally at home around the garden or by the woodpile.

The handles are turned from top quality hickory and left with a textured cut finish rather than sanded smooth, we have to change the cutters regularly to achieve this clean cut finish but it results in a handle that will never slip out of your hand. They are oiled with linseed oil grown by Durwin Banks in West Sussex.

The sheath for the smaller axes does not fit these. We are currently making prototypes and we hope to have sheaths for the axe on the website by March.


5 reviews for The Bushcraft axe

  1. 5 out of 5


    Sharp (very), lovely balance, light enough for delicate control, heavy enough for splitting, handles unusually rough, but I like it and with use, or sanding it will settle in, after rubbing in several coats of raw linseed oil it’s already smoother, I like the way it feels as though it won’t slip out of my hand. And incredibly good value!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Purchased one of these when they went on sale.
    The quality, finish and balance are all first class.
    I waited until I had used the axe for numerous tasks; cutting limbing, making kindling etc. The axe performs well in all areas. In short a pleasure to use.
    I agree with the earlier comment regarding a mask. I made one with Ruth at Spoonfest.

  3. 4 out of 5


    Addition to earlier review as I have now had chance to use axe to trim sawn off branches from some trees in the garden.The axe is razor sharp however I have ended up with a number of rolled edges along the blade after not a lot of use.I think I will re-profile edge a little to give it an improved resilience .Other than that the axe was a joy to use .the weight and overall balance were perfect for the task.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I purchased this axe, along with the Robin Wood Axe at the same time. They are both outstanding, far more so then the price would suggest. The Bushcraft Axe came with a sharper edge then the Robin Wood Axe, the blade profile also came back further which I like. The grain on the handle if very tight and straight, so far so good.
    The balance is great, much better then my Hultafors Classic Hunters Axe, the handle shape is new to me, the same style as the Robin Wood Axe, but I like it. A few coats of linseed oil should bring it out brilliantly. Splits very well, makes feather sticks with ease due to the wonderful profile on the blade. Bites nice and deep too.
    All in all a very impressive axe for a far more impressive price. The head is nice and tight, no play what so ever. The only thing that would make this better is an axe mask for it, but that would drive up the price. A small annoyance for such a wonderful axe at a smashing price. Perhaps you could look into stocking masks for them separately for those that want them, as it is I think I will have a go at knocking one up.

    • :

      Thanks Colin, I now have masks for the carving axe and will soon be making them for the bushcraft axe. Glad you like the tools.

  5. 4 out of 5


    Just received my Superb New Bushcraft Axe from Robin .
    Haven’t put it to the test yet but initial impressions are that it will be a great tool .
    I am in the process of making an ABS axe sheath for the Razor sharp bit as the piece of slippery plastic edging supplied won’t stay on securely so 4* instead of 5*(a change of material type would probably solve problem for shipping and unpacking at least.).
    Other than this the head is a great shape and weight and the handle has an almost vertical grain and is well fitted and linseed oiled .The textured finish may seem rough to some but it is a definitely non slip and comfortable solution in my opinion.
    The overall weight and length is perfect for my expected usage.Will probably update when I’ve used it on some garden tree removal and subsequent bird feeder /table manufacturing.

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